The Do-Lalli Story

It wasn’t until I quit hairdressing that I realised how much I loved it. I’d been working in conventional salons and although my clients kept returning, time pressures meant I felt I couldn’t give people the hair they deserved.

I told myself I should pack up my scissors and find a new career. But a few weeks away was enough to make me realise it wasn’t me who needed to change, it was hairdressing. Soon, I was dreaming of a salon in Brighton where the customer came first, where there was time to spare, where I could welcome all genders and sexualities, express my creativity and build a practice that reflected my commitment to the environment.

The more I thought about it, the more plausible the dream seemed. So I started hunting for a suitable space, fearing that I’d never find affordable premises in a central Brighton. But when I walked into the bare room above Taylor’s Tobacconist in the North Laine, I knew I’d found my dream. It was a blank canvas, an opportunity for me to create a warm, relaxed space where my clients would feel comfortable; a salon with centre-of-town convenience but set back from the hustle and bustle.

Since those early days, my client list and reputation has grown beyond what I’d even imagined. In many ways, I feel my business is a huge team effort. In the salon, you’ll find artwork and objects that have been gifted to me by happy clients.. Being tucked away above a tobacconist’s means people don’t stumble across my services but word-of-mouth and online reviews ensures new clients keep finding me (including a number of celebrities!).

I pride myself on having a creative, thoughtful approach to hairdressing. I’m passionate about helping people learn to love their hair and will never tire of hearing about people’s hair history. Each individual’s hair is unique so on your first visit, you’ll get a free consultation when I’ll take time to fully understand your hair and your needs. Whether you’re after a change of style, a new colour or a fix from a cut gone wrong, I’ll listen and advise. My drawing skills and a fascination for how shapes and lines work enable me to produce a tailored cut that makes the most of your hair and features.

Seeing clients leave the salon with a spring in their step because their style is perfect for them gives me an immense buzz. I love styling all kinds of hair and particularly enjoy working with curly hair, especially on clients who’ve struggled to find someone who understands the specific needs of curls. If that’s you, and you’ve been considering forking out for a DevaCut, try a Lalli Cut first! I’m a dry-cut specialist and I know this is the only way to give you glorious, vibrant, frizzless curls. In fact, I’m an advocate for dry cuts for every hair type. Check out the simple prep steps we ask you to follow if you’re coming into the salon for a Lalli curly cut or regular/fine hair cut.

I adopt a creative approach towards men’s hair too, working to make the most of the natural hair, particularly when it is thinning or receding. Our tips on improving the appearance of receding hair should help if yours is starting to bother you.

Of course, everyone’s hair should look great not simply when they leave the salon but in the days and weeks that follow. My bespoke approach and commitment to working with your hair’s unique ‘personality’ means you won’t need to rely on products and complicated styling techniques to maintain your look.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out our before and after photos on Instagram and read what so many happy clients have to say.