Dry, damaged hair

How to Bring Damaged Hair Back to Life

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been there. We learn the hard way, bleaching our hair with harmful dyes, over heat styling and not getting split ends snipped off; all result in damage to the hair which leaves our locks looking lifeless and dry.

Damaged hair can be difficult to manage and unless something is done, it will only get worse.

Bring Damaged Hair Back to Life…

Damage in the hair can only be made better by taking extra special care to turn things around. There are a few things you can do to try and inject a little life back into your hair:

Apply eggs… sounds strange right, but it really works! Eggs are full of protein, which the hair craves and requires to be strong and shiny, follow these steps:

  • Wash the hair well with shampoo until squeaky clean.
  • Use hot water when washing to open the cuticles, then apply the egg straight away to the hair.
  • Leave the egg on and allow it to work its magic for 3-5 minutes, then rinse off with cold water to seal the cuticles again and lock in the protein.
  • Do this once a week for just two weeks and you’ll feel the difference. DO NOT over do it.

The result is stronger glossier hair that feels far less damaged, and looks healthier too.

egg hair treatment before and after
Left: before, right: after. Results of the egg treatment after being applied only once. NO added beauty products to achieve this look.

Avoid shampoos with lots of harmful unnatural ingredients. Kevin Murphy or Devacurl No Poo are great options – both brands are free from sulphates, parabens and animal cruelty too.

Avoiding Future Damage to the Hair…

Your best bet to keep your hair in great condition for the long term is to find a hairdresser who will care for your hair. Avoid dying it yourself; many home dye kits aren’t great for the hair.

Search for a hairstylist who uses low peroxides to colour your hair as they cause less damage. At Do-Lalli hair we only use dyes that are kind to the hair, but still deliver great results.

Try Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion, which helps make hair super soft without adding grease! Some products out there while designed to add shine and soften the hair, can result in a super greasy look – not a look many of us aim for. At Do-Lalli hair we recommend this great product as it adds moisture and can be used for a number of different hair types.

Moroccan oils and serums tend to sit on the hair rather than penetrate, avoid these if you’re trying to improve the condition of the hair. They are perhaps a good quick fix but can end up making hair look oily and does not help in the long term, plus they’re pricey too!

With a little extra love and care your hair can look and feel super healthy and soft. At Do-Lalli hair we work to ensure we do what’s best for your hair, when it comes to both health and appearance.

If your hair is damaged we can help! If you would like to book a consultation, get in touch!