Curly hair

If you’ve got curly hair, you’ll understand the trials and tribulations of looking after locks with a mind of their own. When non-curlies exclaim, ‘But you’re so lucky’, you’re probably fighting the urge to list all the products in your bathroom, regale them with hair salon horror stories or explain the pain of being in a constant battle with frizz. And as for what happens to your hair in the rain, it’s probably best they don’t even get you started!

Sound familiar? Then you’ll probably have heard of the DevaCut too, the trademarked technique that’s taken the curly world by storm.

At Do-Lalli, we might not have asset managers, trademarks or a branded range of products but we do know that cutting curly hair requires a totally different approach to straight hair. Lalli is a firm believer that, in hair as in life, if you’ve got a problem, don’t mask it – deal with it! So don’t waste money on products promising to de-frizz, de-tangle, straighten and smooth. Deal with the issue by getting to the heart of it – by getting to the curl. After all, curly hair shouldn’t be a problem but the way it’s usually dealt with turns it into one.

Our specialist cut for curls will rid you of frizz and bring all your buoyant, healthy curls to life, with just the minimum application of product. A smidgen of hand lotion may be all you need. (That’s right, hand lotion on your hair!) Whether you have wavy, curly or Afro hair, we’ll create a style to suit you and your hair type and, crucially, one that stays effortlessly fabulous long after you’ve left the salon.

Lalli is passionate about the dry cut for hair of all types but particularly for curly hair. After all, you don’t wear your hair wet so why cut it wet, especially when wet curls are so drastically different to dry curls?  So when you book your first appointment, we ask that you engage in a little pre-cut prep.

Pre-cut prep

  • Wash your hair before you visit. The day before is fine just as long as it’s clean.
  • Don’t use bands or clips to secure your hair.
  • Don’t apply any product.

We know, we know! If you’re a product junkie, it’s a tough one. But trust us, the sacrifice will be worth it. Arriving at the salon with your hair in its natural state enables Lalli to see your curls as they truly are, to assess their tightness, texture and porosity, and to take it from there.

Still not ready to step through the secret salon door? Send us a head shot and Lalli will offer recommendations and advice by using her drawing skills to demo her suggestions on your photo. Think of it as a digital consultation.

Our clients are often amazed at the difference made by Lalli’s cut for curls, and especially by the ease with which they can care for their hair afterwards. Check out our stellar reviews and our before and after photos on Instagram.

If you want to ditch the frizz and free the curl, book yourself in for a curly cut from Lalli.