Look 10 years younger

It’s no secret that we would all like to look a little bit younger. For anyone, when someone makes an assumption that we are younger than we actually are, it brings real joy, and a sense of accomplishment.

There are some really simple and subtle changes you can make to achieve a younger appearance, and what many of us won’t realise is that our current hair style or make-up look is adding years on.

Here are top tips to looking 10 years younger:

Covering Grey Hair

This may seem obvious, but so many people attempt to cover their greys and get it completely wrong, making them appear even older. Hair speckled with greys can simply be dyed to hide this, but as we get older the hair becomes more fragile, so ensure you seek professional help and avoid harsh bleaches and dyes.

On the other hand..

for hair that is completely grey, a great way to add a youthful look is to add an ashy toner. This can make it appear that you have purposely dyed the hair grey or sometimes it automatically makes people assume you are not naturally grey because of the ashy tones (let’s just say; its a little bit more trendy than just grey). This look is great on older women and is low maintenance.

It is also worth having a look through Pinterest or google for some trendy grey haircuts.

Don’t Chop it all off!

For some reason, there is a trend that seems to span from generation to generation, that sees women over a certain age cutting all their hair off. Short hair can actually be very ageing. If you are 35 and over, a bob style cut often only communicates one message, that you’ve lost your sense of style and as you get older are just following suit.

Don’t be afraid to break the mould and grow your hair long. Longer hair can look so stylish as you get older and really compliments your face in your twilight years.

Now, I am not saying ‘Everyone needs to grow their hair long!’. Some people do look better with shorter hair but it might be worth researching online for different styles.

Be Bob Bold

If you’ve actually had a bob all your life and it’s your signature style, don’t fall into the ‘basic’ styles and colours. Try mixing things up with choppy layers and a subtle dip dye or balayage, or try a dark tousled look with a blunt fringe. A bob doesn’t have to be boring, and there are loads of ways to inject a little more style and fun into a shorter cut.

Pick your Hairdresser Wisely

When it comes to updating or changing your style, it is important to find a hairdresser who understands exactly what you want to achieve, and can think outside the box. It’s fairly typical to go into the hair dressers as an older lady, and come out with that basic bob.

Find a hairdresser who is interested in fashion and takes pride in how he or she dresses. Find someone who listens to your needs and expectations, but who isn’t afraid to put forward interesting ideas and solutions. A hairdresser who has a book of styles they have created is really helpful, so that you can workout if they are the right hairdresser for you.

At Do-Lalli hair we offer bespoke cuts and colour services, and ensure we take the time to understand what you want to achieve, and workout what’s best for you.

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