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At Do-Lalli, we love to talk about hair. Whether you know precisely what you want or are looking for inspiration, we’ll spend time chatting with you when you visit our Brighton salon. Hair type, skin tone, face shape and lifestyle are all considered at your free consultation. So if low-maintenance is your thing, we won't teach you how to blow dry or sell you hair serums and straighteners.

Truth to tell, we won’t do much of that anyway. With years of salon experience, Lalli prides herself on creating fuss-free styles that stay looking fabulous long after you’ve left the salon. We’re passionate about the environment too and know that easy-to-care-for hair is not only kinder on your hair (and wallet) but also on the planet.

Book an appointment online today and we’ll confirm within 24 hours. Do-Lalli is tucked away above Conclave (art shop) on Queen’s road in Brighton. Check out our reviews and see our clients’ happy faces on Instagram and Facebook. You’ll soon understand why we’re one of Brighton and Hove’s best kept secrets!

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Zoe Ball

The amazing one and only Zoe Ball popped in for a chop and I’m glad to say she has a big smile on her face.

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    A little bit about hairdressing…

    In hairdressing typically only four basic styles are taught. Have you ever been to the hairdressers and ended up with the opposite of what you asked for? The typical approach to hairdressing results in a lack of creativity, and in turn a hair cut you didn’t actually ask for. A nightmare situation that could easily be avoided, Lalli believes that hairdressing should be creative and bespoke to the individual.

    Lalli takes a completely different approach, to ensure she creates the ideal style for each and every client. Understanding that each individuals hair is different and has unique needs, Lalli takes the time to understand your hair and your precise requirements, to ensure she creates the exact style you are looking for.


    Using her creativity, Lalli combines her drawing skills with hairdressing to produce tailored haircuts. She also prides herself in listening to her clients needs and requests, to ensure she fully understands their desires.

    Working to make the most of your hair and your features, Lalli considers all elements to create a cut that suits you down to the ground.

    Also specialising in colour, Lalli ensures that between you, you find the ideal shade, to suit your colouring and lifestyle, and that works with your cut too. When it comes to colour, Lalli also uses the most hair friendly dying techniques, to keep hair healthy and strong.


    Furthermore, Lalli offers a creative approach towards male hair, working to make the most out of the natural hair, particularly when it is thinning or receding, to create the most natural and full look to the hair possible.

    Offering bespoke hairdressing in Brighton and Hove, Do-Lalli hair takes care of every aspect of your hair. Considered a hair guru, Lalli loves helping people learn to love their hair again, creating the perfect cut and colour, and helping you understand your hair type and how best to take care of it, to make the most of your natural locks.


    Lalli offers consultations, to enable her to understand your hair and listen to what you’d like to achieve. Consultation is free, and Lalli loves to hear about your hair history and what you’d like to do, whether that be a change of style, a new colour or a fix from a cut gone wrong in the past.

    For a bespoke approach to hairdressing in Brighton and Hove get in touch with Lalli, to create the ideal style and colour made just for you.


    I’ve had my hair cut by Lalli a few times (so far!) and have come away happy with the result. I have a small amount of very fine hair, and I think the dry cutting technique works really well. In addition to her knowledge of all things related to hair, Lalli is very friendly and makes the whole experience is...
    Claire P.
    Lalli is a fantastic stylist who knows exactly what she's doing. I would not go to anyone else now. She is highly skilled and knowledgeable, and takes her time to make sure the cut suits your hair type. She is very welcoming and enjoyable company too!
    It's nearly been a week after my cut, first wash done and my hair still looks and feels amazing. My curls are bouncy and look so shiny, I genuinely didn't think my hair would look this good. So little hair product is needed but now I know my hair just needs cream based products it will save a fortune. Thank...
    Claire Standbridge
    Had my hair restyled today with Lalli. It is a unique experience. Full personal attention to detail and a very different experience to any other hairdresser that I have ever been to. Relaxing and special. After years of straightening and coloring my hair in other salons, Lalli has now given me the confidence (and great cut) to embrace my natural...
    Incredible hairdresser! Lalli definitely knows her stuff! I was blown away by how much she taught me about my hair. Loved the dry cut approach. Lalli really spends time doing your hair and talks you through it all. Such a lovely lady! Highly recommend, Thank you Lalli!
    Wow! Lalli is an amazing hair stylist. She combined technical skills with creative flair to produce a haircut that was transformative. Not only that but she is welcoming, friendly and attentive - always listening carefully to what you want from the style. Her enthusiasm for getting the best out of your hair is highly infectious. I'm already looking forward to...
    Another great cut from Lalli! I’ve never had someone cut my hair and been completely happy when leaving and to have it free so light after 6 months. Lalli really takes time to understand your hair so much so I’ve recommended her to my mum and she loves her cut too! Also love the fact I can wash and go...
    For forty years I have gone from salon to salon. None has been able to deliver what I wanted, liked or asked for. Until Do-Lalli. She has a totally and refreshingly different approach. She really understands what suits you, she knows exactly what she’s doing, and for once I’ve found a hairdresser who I know 110% I will return to....
    If you’re curly, look no further! Lalli is a curly hair whisperer. After a dry curly cut, I was suddenly able to leave the house with zero product in my hair for the first time in about 25 years, and stayed frizz free for months. An absolute game changer. Thank you!
    I’ve just had the most enjoyable haircut experience i can remember. On my daughters recommendation I booked a restyle with Lalli as a 60th birthday treat. Lalli listened to what I wanted & half an hour into the appointment we discussed & then went for a major change ( long hair to above the shoulder). I felt confident with what...
    Karen mackrill
    Lalli really understands curly hair and has given me a cut that makes my hair look and feel fabulous. The colour is lighter and softer, the condition is lovely and my hair is so much easier to manage - all with just cutting! Lalli's cutting style is unique and she has worked miracles in controlling the frizz and reviving my...
    Emma Wilson-Troy
    I have waited a few days to comment following my first haircut since October 2019, since then I have trimmed off snaggles myself and it had completely lost shape and got pretty wild. I have naturally curly coily grey hair and not all haircuts have turned out so well in the past! Undaunted, Lalli ignored the mess, embraced the challenge...
    Finally after so may years I can say I love my hair. I have very fine hair and have always struggled getting it coloured and cut without it becoming extremely damaged and / or cut quite short, as no hairdresser seems to be able to deal with long fine hair. Well, visiting Do Lalli was a complete gamer changer for...
    Caroline Gibson
    Best haircut I’ve had in years! Finally found someone who believes in cutting hair last! Lalli is not only a brilliant hairdresser but also,( just as importantly), a true artist. Each snip of her scissors is carefully measured, taking into consideration face shape, bone structure and in my case, the fact that I wear glasses. I love the result...
    Rosa L.
    I have very curly hair that had not been cut for ages and was looking very untidy. Lalli was great. She spent time talking to me at the start of the appointment to establish how I wanted my hair, taking into account my wish for a low maintenance style and minimal product use. Lalli is very easy to talk to...
    Lovely experience today for my cut! I have fine hair and I felt like it was the first time a hairdresser had actually really looked at my hair and cut it to match my hair type and face shape. Lalli really took the time to talk to me about my hair and what she was doing what she was doing....
    Had my first visit to Do Lalli today and I totally enjoyed the experience. I was fascinated by Lalli’s story and felt compelled to see what she could do with my curls. A completely uncomplicated approach and a passionto do the best for my face shape and style. Loved the dry cut so Lalli could see the natural way the...
    I've never met a hairdresser before who is so happy in her work. Her love of her art shines through in her hair designs. Thank you Lallie.
    Came to get my granddaughters first ever hair cut. She has very long curly locks . Great experience, superb styling , wonderful care and attention to detail . We will be back ?
    karen goodman
    Wow. I had my first curly cut ever yesterday with Lalli, she was great. I’m very pleased with the result, will definitely be back, in fact, I’ve already booked my appointment!
    Ali Carruth
    Just had my hair cut by Lalli today...Best haircut ever...was made to feel very relaxed and we chatted about my hair and what I wanted..She told me her ideas..I have very fine hair but lots of it..i now have thick looking luscious hair and certainly don't feel 60 years are a star Lalli ???
    Melanie Pearse
    Just had my hair cut by Lalli today...Best haircut ever...was made to feel very relaxed and we chatted about my hair and what I wanted..She told me her ideas..I have very fine hair but lots of it..i now have thick looking luscious hair and certainly don't feel 60 years are a star Lalli ???
    Melanie Pearse
    If you want a fabulous hair cut - go to Do-Lalli. Lalli, the owner truly listens to what you want and if you need help, she is full of advise to suit your hair type. She genuinely works to match colour to your skin tone and to bring out the best in the client. The dry cutting style allows her...
    It feels like the first time MY hair has been cut. It wasn’t just a step-by-step, going through the motions standard haircut that I’ve had with previous hairdressers. I felt like I was receiving a very personalised haircut specifically for my hair, my needs and to suit me. Lalli takes the time to get to know what you want from...
    Paula Crane
    Excellent highlights and cut! My hair is fine and was damaged when I first came to Do-Lalli’s salon. She made it look much fuller and it immediately felt healthier. She understands fine hair and takes the time to listen to your individual needs. Highly recommended! She’s also fun to chat with, and the atmosphere in the salon is comfortable and...
    Nicole Udriot
    It was a great experience watching Lalli work her magic! Very impressed. Very happy with the results and will definitely be returning. Thank you Lalli :)
    I love my new hair! Thank you Lalli! It feels so different; has been commented on already. Wonderful to have it styled by someone who likes to deal with curls that everyone else thinks are a ‘problem’. I shall be back! Jo
    I've searched for a hairdresser who really understands curly hair for years, and now I've found her. Lalli has transformed my unruly hair, which now looks and feels like real hair, not a big frizzy mess (think candy floss and you'll get the idea). And all that without any styling products (something I didn't ever think I could go without)....
    Christine Morgan
    I stumbled across Lalli; back in January 2019, via a Reddit post on a Curly Girl sub. I have to say that she is the most honest, non commercial, trustworthy amaaazing hairdresser I've ever come across. Down to earth & quietly confident she's a real hidden treasure, she won't sell you loads of over priced products and won't f*ck up...
    Caroline Santer
    Lalli sorted out my overgrown curly mop a treat. I was slightly apprehensive about a dry cut but it makes so much sense if you have curly hair - the amount of times I have come out of a salon where they have straightened it to make it fit the hair style only for it to bounce back in the...
    Petra Exton
    Lallie's approach to hairdressing was truly unique. She took into consideration my hair texture, face shape, dress sense and general style whilst working with my needs (low maintenance!) to create a hairstyle that suited me. Loved you and the whole experience! Thank you Lallie, I'm now a loyal customer x
    Thank you Lalli! Love love my new do. Your tips and styling advice invaluable. Honestly you’ve changed how I view my hair. I didn’t realise I was making it so heavy using all those products. It can have volume. I also just liked chatting with you - felt totally at ease and relaxed. Never want to go to a faceless...
    Clara Wilkinson
    By far the best haircut I’ve ever had! exaggeration. Lalli took her time to assess the quality and texture of my hair before making a single cut. She asked me to tell her all about my hair and how I liked to style it, and then she was on her way... constantly making sure I knew what was happening...
    As a new client I received an amazingly friendly welcome. Lalli is super friendly, listens to you, gives good advice and cuts your hair beautifully. I left with a very big smile on my face. Thank you ....I’m coming back.
    I went to see Lalli for the first time on Saturday and I have to say I've had the best haircut I've had in a decade and definitely the best in Brighton! Such a relaxed, chilled vibe. Thank you, I'll be back!
    Thank you Lalli! Once again a great cut for the curls! Highly recommend!
    Cait Donnelly
    Lalli is an absolute star when it comes to curly hair. I've been travelling to Birmingham for years to go to a curly hair specialist. After my first cut with Lalli I won't be going anywhere else. She does a dry cut so she can see exactly where each curl falls naturally and that technique really works for curlies but...
    Fee Davis
    Best haircut ever! A few weeks on, my hair is still looking good and takes such little effort. So pleased I found this lovely and very talented hairdresser.
    Thank you Lalli! I came to you for a trim and I walked out a new me -that I like very much-! I feel you found a more natural style for my hair and face shape and it is much easier to manage my fine hair now. My daughter also liked it and even my husband noticed the change and...
    Thank you for my hair cut Lalli! She genuinely seemed to enjoy cutting my hair, and took the time to work out how to tame my thick locks! First time I've actually hugged a hairdresser.. what more can I say!
    Nina Perring
    Lalli has been doing my hair for 5 years and now I would go nowhere else. Lalli convinced me to grow my hair longer: “much more glamorous!” and she is right of course. I am happy with my practically maintenance-free style. Lalli is cool and hip with bags of style and it’s always a pleasure to visit. I look forward...
    Shirley Waldron
    Lalli - thankyou for my gorgeous haircut today. Absolutely love coming to see you. I can’t recommend you highly enough and will see you again in a few months time. Louise x
    Louise Richardson
    Thank you Lalli! Very, very happy with my new haircut and fringe. Have had lots of compliments on it! Can highly recommend Lalli (and have done to friends already!) to anyone. She's really passionate about what she does and suggests styles that will suit the shape of your face. She's also really friendly and personable. Happy to have finally found...
    Julia Thompson
    Hi I would like to give you some very positive feedback to help capture even more people in need of the DoLalli experience! The DoLalli experience is wonderful. A hair stylist who actually cares about how you feel and look. She took the time to examine my hair, face shape, colouring and how much time i have to look after...
    Gemma Tonkinsmith
    Thanks for the bespoked haircut and advice. I know my mass of curls is a challenge but you took it on and I am happy with the result !
    I recently moved to Brighton from London and am so pleased to have found this hairdresser! She takes time to look at your face shape and studies what would look best, then cuts very precisely to create a style that really suits you. I got my mid-length hair cut to frame my face more (without adding a whole load of...
    after years of trying to find a hairdresser that can cut wavy hair, I have finally found her! Lalli knew exactly what to do the minute she saw my hair, having left it to dry naturally without product (which was very difficult!) With her cut, I have now discovered that my face isn't round and that I actually have good...
    Fiona Escott
    The most amazing hairdresser ever! Maria is so lovely and honest. Really listens and takes time to understand your hair. Gives loads of advice and explains why she's doing what she's doing. I would never go anywhere else, so glad I have found her!
    Absolutely trust lalli 100%! So pleased with my cut and colour and is such a perfectionist. Let's you know exactly what she is doing and why. I also really appreciated the helpful tips along the way. Xx
    Lucy Berrett
    Thank you for being so lovely and attentive- it felt like the first hairdressing experience in years where I was being really heard, my hair observed and considered. Great work. Among all the really helpful tips you offered, I just wanted to ask a quick question- you mentioned Devacurl cleanser for my fine hair that needs some TLC though looks...
    Thank you for turning my self dyed orange hair back to beautiful blonde! I'm so glad I came to you, you saved my life!
    Can't say much more than how happy I am with this haircut :) you knew just what to do to achieve exactly what I wanted - even though I'm useless at explaining! Thank you, I'll definitely be back soon x
    Debbie H
    After years of wasting money on a number of high street salons I have finally found an extremely talented stylist who really cares. My new colour and cut is amazing, and Lalli takes the time to explain what she is doing and the reasons why. A truly great salon experience and one which I will repeat time and time again....
    Yet again another amazing cut by bella Maria! Firstly she empowers you to choose what you want done with your hair and then makes suggestions based on her experience. The comments I've had today have all been extremely postive about my new style. On top of this, she is always so attentive and meticulous. I am never getting my hair...
    First of all thanks a lot for my colour it is amazing. The staff is very friendly and the place is just awesome. I went there in order to get some pink and purple colouring and the result is even better than what I had hoped for. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a fancy colour or haircut
    Thank you so much to Lalli for my hair, I absolutely love it! Amazing hairdresser highly recommend to everyone. Thank you! Xx
    Lacey Howard
    Fantastic service! Lalli was able to fix a terrible hair cut I had had a month previously with another hair dresser. Attentive and very patient with some great idea.It took Lalli a little convincing for me to move away from my normal hair cut but the style certainly suits my face much better. Very please Will be back again
    Tom Williams
    Very pleased with my new haircut by Lalli yesterday, popped in randomly after seeing it advertising free wine. Very good cut, friendly conversation and very good value for money. The blow dry was amazing, I will be back for another one! Thank you!
    Emily Househam
    Lalli is an excellent stylist! Very thoughtful & uses an artistic eye to work out what best suits your face. You may go to her with no clue as to what you want & come away with the nicest hair you've ever had! I'm very glad to finally be able to have a regular hairdresser who I can trust.
    A hairdresser you can trust!!! Finally. Maria is a true talent, offering her complete attention and care to your hair...Gentle and a listener! (an essential quality in a hairdresser) fully attentive to your personal taste. I came away feeling like a new woman. I received lots of compliments about my hair from friends...would highly recommend Maria at 'Do-Lalli Hair'. Amazing...
    Denise :)
    Fantastic hairdresser who I have used for years and will continue to use. Highly recommend. Xxxxxxx
    Grace hull
    Thank you for sorting my hair, it looks perfect! I have finally found a hairdresser i can trust :) and as for the avocado treatment! My hair is so so soft, will be back very soon!
    Just wanted to say a big thankyou. You've done a great job with my hair and more importantly gave me good advice on how to keep it that way. What more could anybody want? Thanks x
    Saw Tun
    Thank you Maria for my lovely avocado treatment yesterday. My hair is feeling very soft and it even has a shine. It amazing and it really worked. And my lowlights look really natural, thank you.
    Sarahjane Jackson

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