Receding Hair & Hair loss

How to Improve a Receding hair & hair loss

An issue suffered by men worldwide, one of the most asked questions to hairdressers (and Google) is how to reduce receding and improve the appearance of the hair. At Do-Lalli Hair, we are experts in improving a receding hairline, working to make the most out of what you’ve got, and help stop further hair-loss.

Research in to male hair loss has proven that dihydrotestosterone (DHT) plays a major role, so what is DHT?

Testosterone is converted to DHT by specific enzymes in the body. DHT causes hair follicles to miniaturise and become smaller. This causes each hair follicle to become thinner and thinner with each cycle of hair growth; ultimately leading to baldness. 


Top tips…

A few small changes and efforts can make all the difference to a receding hairline…

  • Try keeping the scalp as clean as possible. Wash the hair every day to prevent the pores from getting blocked and encourage hair growth.
  • A protein treatment is great for a receding hairline. Try treating the hair with eggs, twice in the first week, and then once a week every two weeks. Protein helps create strong and healthy hair. Read our blog post on dry and damaged hair for exact instructions here.
  • Hair products such as wax are great at achieving that perfect style, but it’s not so great for a receding hairline. When you apply hair products, only apply it to the tips of the hair and avoid getting it on the scalp. Where possible avoid using products completely.
  • Invest in a good shampoo! This is an absolute must as far as we are concerned. Avoid products with sulphates and parabens. Our favourite shampoos include: Kevin Murphy – Angel Wash, and Kevin Murphy – Maxi Wash. Both are free from sulphates and parabens, the maxi wash is a must if you use lots of products. Avoid purchasing products from Ebay. Maxi wash.
  • A great product that specifically targets and removes DHT is Baxter of California’s – Daily protein shampoo. Packed with protein and containing nothing but natural ingredients! Baxters hair shampoo.
  • When shampooing the hair, do not scrub as this will encourage hair loss.
  • Finally, don’t waste your money on ‘hair growth tablets’- these do not work! They are a waste of money and will only result in disappointment.


Styling Tips…

For some, receding hair is unavoidable as it is often in our genes. There’s loads you can do to make the most of your hair though, and all is not lost if you are starting to recede.

  • Avoid going to the barbers, it’s cheap for a reason.
  • Grow a beard- by growing a full and healthy beard it takes the focus away from the receding areas of your hair, plus beards are really on trend at the moment.
  • Find a good hair salon or hairdresser who is knowledgeable about receding hair. They should be interested in improving your appearance and making the most of what you have.
  • You may want to consider semi-permanent tattoos to help hide patchy areas of the hair.


At Do-Lalli Hair we work hard to ensure we make the most of your hair, receding or not. We take time to look at your features, lifestyle and current hair growth to understand how best to style and shape your hair, as well as offering advice to treat your receding hairline.

Get in touch for a free consultation to find out how we can help you. We are always happy to hear from new and returning clients and eager to help.