Fine hair

Are you stuck in a layering rut? Bored of your bob?

Knowing what to do with fine hair can be hard. Left to its own devices, fine hair tends to hang there, looking sad and flat. It’s a hair type that definitely needs help – but how much help can you handle?

One of the great advantages of fine hair is its versatility. Creating up-dos, adding oomph, going straighter or curlier are excellent options when you’re seeking a look for a special occasion. And there’s no doubt about it, volumising products such as dust powders, mousses and sprays can be your friend. But relying on them for your day-to-day look traps you in the cycle of daily hair washing. And as for blow-drying and styling on a regular basis, I’m sure you’ll agree, life’s too damn short!

Layering is frequently offered as an option to give fine hair some much needed body. It’s a popular cutting technique that promises to add thickness and volume by removing hair. If that sounds like a contradiction in terms, not to mention a recipe for disaster, well, that’s because it kind of is! Layering can be a highly effective but too much layering can lead to hair looking thin, lank and wispy. And the popular salon solution to hair that’s looking thin, lank and wispy is – you’ve guessed it – more layering!

Lalli takes a different approach to layering. By cutting your hair dry, Lalli can see precisely where your hair needs help and add a handful of tiny, well-targeted layers. Dry cuts are too often seen as the poor relative of wet cuts but as we’re fond of saying at Do-Lalli, you don’t wear your hair wet, so why cut it wet? As well as allowing Lalli to introduce narrow sections of strategically placed layers, a dry cut also allows split ends to be removed by, well, the removal of split ends. Chopping an inch or two off the bottom, a staple of the wet cut, can be too harsh and blunt for many styles – and it also means the layers then need to go higher. You see where we’re heading with this? Layers on top of layers leads to wispiness and loss of volume.

And finally, with a dry cut, you’ll never end up committing the hair crime of having ‘steppy’ layers where your style is more akin to a series of weird hair-curtains. Instead, your layers will stay blended, balanced and invisible – and you’ll stay looking fabulous long after you’ve left the salon.

When you book your first appointment, we ask that you engage in a little pre-cut prep so we can cut your hair dry.

Pre-cut prep

  • Wash your hair before you visit. A day or two before is fine just as long as it’s clean.
  • Don’t use bands or clips to secure your hair.
  • Don’t apply any product.

If you’re still not sure what can be done with your hair, email us a profile pic. Lalli will offer recommendations and advice by using her drawing skills to demo her suggestions on your photo. Think of it as a digital consultation.

Whatever your hair type, we hope you’ll want to join Lalli’s growing army of dry-cut converts. It might not be what you’re used to but like so many of our happy clients, you’ll be amazed at how this approach enables Lalli to cut your hair with a careful, considered eye, working with you to get the very best results.