Hot spots in Brighton

10 Hidden Hot spots in Brighton & Hove

  1. Setting sun pub. – It’s one of the best-chilled hangout places in Brighton on a sunny day. Beautiful garden and a relaxed atmosphere overlooking Brighton. Great beers and amazing tea. Perfect place for a Sunday sunset.
  2. Cocktail Shack – A unique & playful cocktail bar hidden in Regency square. Quirky décor, a ping-pong table, good cocktails and if you are a little bored you can even join cocktail master classes from 2.30pm -4pm at £35pp.
  3. Do-lalli – Ever heard of a speak easy in NYC? Go through Taylor’s tobacconist, up a flight of stairs and hidden behind the bright yellow door is a fabulous chilled out area away from the bustling streets of Brighton where you can get pampered for your night out! Get your nails done, hair and make-up; and pick up a fancy cigar for your man on the way out! Visit
  4. The twisted Lemon – You will find this cocktail bar hidden through a tiny little back street in the centre of town, amazing cocktails and good atmosphere. They also do happy hour everyday until 9pm except on Saturdays.
  5. The Block – Cool funky Ibiza vibe, perfect for small groups, good beers, burgers and some good tunes in the back garden. Perfect for a sunny day!
  6. Paris house – Love cheese and red wine? The Paris house is perfect for a cool jazzy night filled with cheese and marvellous red wine.
  7. Marwoods – Definitely the most bizarre coffee shop in town! Think of the word ‘normal’ and then go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum… that is probably the best way to describe this little gem! A sharks head, where’s Johnny?! An action man preparing his landing… and the list could go on!
  8. Pelicano – Another cool little café where you can grab a sandwich & good coffee.
  9. Komedia – In the heart of the bustling North Laine, just a few minutes’ walk from Brighton station, you’ll find Komedia. Lots of comedy nights on here that will leave you laughing the whole weekend!
  10. The Gin Tub – Fancy a chat with another table just give them a call. Each table has a classic corded phone were you can place your order or even call a different table to say hello! This place has over 80 different types of gins, bespoke cocktails, craft beers & a high quantity of rum hidden underground in the rum cage… Captain Jack Sparrow would be so pleased!